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Everyday Green Routine wants to make Eco-friendly living easier for everyone. We believe that the information needed to make basic everyday Eco-friendly decisions should be easier to access. As this information is more accessible, more people would be inclined to make simple choices to help preserve the environment. Our planet is valuable so it's important that all humans make good decisions that reflect the future we want to have. We want to help all people make their homes, business and lives more Eco-friendly.

Everyday Green Routine is a face to face consultation business to help individuals in their homes or offices make better decisions for the environment. We will produce a specific action plan for each individual/ family or business. There will also be follow up meetings as requested by client to continue the ongoing learning to make sure that plan is working for them. There are many sources of great information on this topic, but none of them really serve as a database for a consumer to access and find an answer to almost any environmental impact question they might have. Our goal is to produce a website to put all of the information in one place and make it easy to understand so no matter your experience with the environment you can make a difference without spending a significant amount of time doing the research. We have already done it for you!

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