Pest control

Being friendly to the environment when it comes to pest control is also being friendly to your pets and kids. Bugs can be a huge issue especially if you use a compost bowl in your kitchen and a compost bin right outside your house like I do.

You could always use a company to come in and many of them advertise eco-friendly options. Just make sure they are not using chemicals in or around your house that would hard yourself, your kids, or your pets. Eco-friendly pest control can be just as effective as the old fashion toxic chemicals that are used.

Things you can do

~ Sprinkle diatomaceous earth near doors and windows. It is a powder made from fossilized algae shells. It cuts them open and in turn kills the insects. I agree not super humane but no chemicals or harmful smells.

~ Put little containers of apple cider vinegar near your compost bowl. Gnats are attracted to that and usually get stuck in it.

~ Plant lavender, mint, or rosemary in your garden. They can also be used indoors as well on windowsills or near doors.

~ Clean with vinegar spiked with some of your food scraps, any citrus peel or coffee grounds.

~ Shake some seasoning near door frames and windowsills. Black pepper, salt, anything spicy (cinnamon or cayenne) or even paprika.

Bug specific

Ants: Vinegar spray mixed with lemon juice. It throws off their trails that are leading them into your home.

Flies: Traps outside doors, soda bottle traps inside with vinegar and dish soap.

Spiders: Citronella to prevent and salt water to kill.

Bees: Best to repel them because we obviously don’t want to get into a fight with them! They are also very important contributors to our eco-system so les not decrease the population anymore. Cinnamon and moth balls.

Hornets: Rub outdoor areas like under your deck with bar soap. Use a fake nest, most wasps will avoid building a nest near another one.

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