It's not an all or nothing mission, just pick something!

I know it can be overwhelming to think about saving the planet all by yourself. Maybe you assume we are doomed anyways because not everyone will do their part. These are appropriate fears. My challenge for you is to not look at the approach of world saving as an all or nothing mission. There are so many decisions you make in a day and if even some of them were made with the plant in mind, that my friend makes a difference. Not one you can see or feel, but trust me the needle has moved!

I know one of the situations I was self-conscious about was if I start making eco-friendly decisions what if I end up with a group of people and accidently use a plastic fork, are they all going to slam me and mock my tree-huggery? Honestly this situation has still not happened to me, but I am not saying it wont happen to you.

Habits are best formed when you start with something simple and work your way up. I am just going to give you some suggestions of way to ease into this lifestyle with no too much pressure to hug a tree every chance you get, unless you are into that sort of thing!

1- Tell your waiter that you do not want a straw and just drink out of the glass. Usually if you tell them before they put the straws down then they will make sure they don't leave one for you. Boom just like that 1 plastic straw will not fall into the ocean on your watch.

2- Take your own bags into the stores to avoid ever using plastic bags. Maybe sometimes you forget and that is okay. But try to make a goal of buying them and using them.

3- Once you are vaccinated... carpool with a friend to work 1 time a week. I understand its hard when we rely on having our own transportation, but just try it out.

4- Subtract 1-2 meals a week where you make beef, chicken or pork. Get creative and see you might prefer recipes without meat in them.

5- Donate old things you don't need/want to Good Will or any other similar store in your area. It will feel so good to get rid of some stuff and help not just other people, but the planet!

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