I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas...

As the holidays continue to get closer no matter what we do, we all feel the stress and excitement of gifting our loved ones with sparkly things. Here is a list of helpful hints to keep your gift-giving as green as possible!

Gifts: I am sure there are some opinions that would tell you second-hand gift-giving is socially unacceptable. Here is my philosophy, second-hand gifts are awesome to give and to receive. If you have a relationship with someone that will not feel as loved if you bought them a second-hand gift, then, by all means, make sure not to do that again. I find that when I am wandering around a thrift store looking at individual items when I find something that makes me think of a loved one, it feels more thoughtful. Be sure to hit up the local craft makers and small business' to see if those can fit your gift needs. Etsy is wonderful when you would rather give a small business the revenue. Making gifts is also a wonderful alternative to buying new items. This year my daughter and I made candles from recycled glass, soy wax and essential oils.

Wrapping: It is important for you to use up any wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper that you currently have in the closet. Once you have used those find other ways to wrap gifts. These things can include but are not limited to, newspaper, book pages, cereal boxes, old clothes, scarves, scrap fabric, kitchen towels, old jars or cookie tins.

Cards: A good friend of mine @littlechages_happyearth used to do her cards this year. They use post-consumer recycled materials and also plant a tree for every order. This year is going to be the first year I send electronic Christmas cards. I figured that anyone who wants to keep our family picture can save it and/or print it. This way no paper will end up in a landfill on my behalf.

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