I can barley contain my excitement!

This week EGR has launched a zero-waste line of products. This has been two years in the making and I am so excited to offer this service to my local community. I have been searching for a zero-waste store but have been unable to find one. I know others that exist in the state but not a reasonable distance to drive. Finally, I said to myself: "self, if you want it done you are just going to have to do it". So, I did, after countless hours of research and development I am able to offer a zero-waste options for certain household items that I am very happy with.

What products do we offer?

For now, we have laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, multipurpose, glass and bathroom cleaner. Think about how many bottles of these things will get thrown away in the next 10 years. If you could eliminate those bottles entirely it would make a huge impact on the environment. If we did this as a community, imagine the impact it would have!

How is it zero-waste?

Well rarely is anything zero-waste but we want to get as close as possible. I am working with two manufacturers that send me product in a super concentrated state and then I can to mix it to the perfect concentration to distribute to you. These products are shipped in compostable materials which helps to be zero-waste! That product gets stored and distributed to customers when they order refills. They can fill up their own containers or buy our recycled glass bottles. Either way, you pay per ounce of product.

How does it get delivered?

You will have a designated delivery date and time. If you are home, great you can hand me your bottles, I will weigh and then fill them. If you are not home and want to leave labeled bottles at your doorstep I will fill them up and charge you after I have all the weights.

Let's go people!

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