Happy Earth Day!

It is one of my favorite days of the year. Earth day is always a wonderful reminder that as we are coming out of hibernation and gearing up for summer the Earth is a wonderful place to call home. Where else do you have the perfect distance from the sun to keep you warm enough, but not too warm? Where else is the most essential component for human life, water, readily available? Where else can you find wonderful green trees that love to do nothing more than make sweet oxygen to fill our lungs? Nowhere!

With all the the Earth does for us, we do almost nothing for it. That is not a mutualist relationship, we are parasites and it has got to change! There is so much that can be done and if you are wondering what, here is the link to Earth Day 2021 with a search for events you can be a part of. No matter how big or small, good or bad, the impact you make is instrumental in climate change. I try to teach my students every day that their choices matter and that is the message I hope I can leave you with today as well.

Set a goal for this year, not a new year's resolution but an Earth Day promise! Promise the Earth that you will do better this year than you did last year. Here are some suggestions:

You will replace one or more disposable items with reusable ones

You will carpool or take public transportation once a week

You will buy your produce from local markets once a month

You will eat less meat or heck no meat at all!

You will learn how to recycle better

You will pick up trash around your neighborhood

You will learn how to set the thermostat in your house to be the most efficient

You will begin to compost

You will hug a tree!

Whatever your Earth Day promise is, share it with me so I can help you with it.

Happy Earth Day!

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