Got some free time?

Since we have some unexpected free time, I wanted to give you some suggestions on how to take some steps towards a more eco-friendly home.

1-Composting: Sure, now that it is spring we are in the process of using the compost we have been cooking all year, so if you started last summer, good for you; if you didn't, there is no better time than now. Composting does take effort and time, but the good news is that once you have your compost pile set up and you spend time establishing the habits, it will be easier to maintain once life starts progressing again. Not only is it easier to "cook" the compost when the weather is nice, but we also eat more of the fresh produce that we can use to add those "brown" nitrogen-rich components. You can revisit my blog dedicated to all things compost if you don't know where to start.

2-Laundry: Like me, you may be doing less laundry since you only wear your pj's all day every day. Regardless of how much laundry you are doing, this is a great time to hang dry all your clothes and see if it is something you can start doing. Keep in mind even I "air fluff" some items if I feel they are too stiff after they air dry.

3-DIY: Test out some recipes for household items you use. I have found one for dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, bleach, makeup remover, moisturizer. I will share these shortly but there are tons of ideas online so try some out and see what you like best.

4-Dishes: Handwash all your dishes. We are using a ton of dishes since we are all eating at home every meal. Handwash all your dishes making sure to save as much water as possible. You can revisit my blog dedicated to washing dishes if you need a refresher for how we do this in the Murphy house.

5-Power saver: You can do a "power audit" on your home. Go room to room and check all outlets. If something is plugged in and not currently being used, unplug it. Clearly there are some exceptions to this rule. Do not unplug your router since its probably being used at all times (thermostat, security system, etc.) Phone and laptop chargers are commonly left plugged in at all times. There are small steps you can take to train yourself to plug them in when you need them and unplug them when you don't.

6- Purging: If you are spending time spring cleaning, make sure you are going through the proper channels. Throwing items in the trash should be an absolute last resort. Only things that you think would not be of any value to anyone else should be thrown away.

Reduce: Make sure you are not getting rid of things you are going to have to rebuy.

Reuse: Make sure before you get rid of something, that there is no other use for it in your home.

Recycle: GoodWill is a great channel to recycle your used items.

7-EGR Custom Plan: If you are wanting more individualized help ensuring your home is as green as can be, take the opportunity to get your custom EGR plan for your home now. While everyone is home, I am doing the ($80) virtual consultations for free!

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