Gifting Green

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday and it got me thinking about that age-old question people always ask... what do you want for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc.

Regardless of if you are the gift giver or receiver there are many ways you can make celebrating occasions more eco-friendly.

Experiences instead of things: Spend time with other people instead of unwrapping things that you may or may not use or even like. (Which reminds me, regifting is not tacky! Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you don't know someone who would.) Experiences can be meals, trips, games, movies, concerts, picnics or anything else that doesn't involve wrapping.

Donations to charities: If you are fortunate enough to have loved ones that really don't need any more "things" this is a great option. If you know them well enough to know what causes would be close to their heart, you can look up charities that serve those causes. If you are not sure, ask them where they would like you to make a donation in their name. This is something my family does often, and it means a lot!

Recycled or ecards: I have to admit that I am a paper card lover. I love giving them and I love receiving them. I like to mail them to my loved ones on special occasions. E-cards have never felt the same to me. I combat this by making sure to always buy recycled cards.

If all else fails, at least wrap the gift you need to give in the most eco-friendly way possible. For my tips and tricks on that please check out my other blog post here.

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