Farm Stands, when you can!

There is no comparison to the taste and freshness of fruits and veggies straight from the farm. It is so important to shop at farmers markets when possible not only for your own benefit but to support farms directly.

Our family has a beach house in Delaware so the drive from the D.C. area to the beach happens as often as we are able. If you are planning on taking a trip this summer in that direction I have included some details of the farm stand along the 404 and 113 highways. Right after you pass into Delaware from Maryland on 404 there are plenty of farm stands you can visit to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables for your vacation. They are listed in the order you will reach them once you hit the Delaware state line.

~ The first one you will pass is Adams Fruit Market on your left. They have a very sweet story of a couple with 6 kids! Some of those kids are still involved while Adam and his bride are now retired. They accept major credit cards and have a great selection of produce.

~ Shorts Farmers Market which is much smaller with limited hours of operation. When you catch them open they are a great option for corn!

~ Little Wagon Produce. They started in 1989 with just one covered wagon. They have grown a bit since then and have a great selection of produce. They also take all major credit cards.

~ Willy's Country Market is smaller but has delicious produce and some other items like soap.

~ Farmer Gene's Market is a larger store so they will likely have anything you are looking for!

~ Ma and Pa's Market is super cute!

~ Evans Farms is my personal favorite. They always has a great selection. You can get many items as well as your produce including honey, baked goods, flowers, etc.

~ Elmer's Market is a place you can find all kinds of things. If you have the time to get out, stretch your legs and look around, try this place out!

Make sure you have cash since not all places take card. Most importantly do not forget your reusable produce bags and a tote for all your fresh goodies!

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