Can you DIY?

When thinking about remodeling a room in your house consider what can be done by you. For example, I wanted a new master bathroom. It is builder-grade quality and its almost 20 years old, so therefore terrible. My initial thoughts: I wanted to rip out the corner tub, make the shower larger, new flooring, double vanity, vanity light, new bright color on the walls, new curtains. Once I got an estimate from a contractor, and my husband picked me up off the floor, I was super disappointed because there was no way we could afford it.

We are two teachers and on a tight budget, so I had to rethink my strategy. Yes, I am pretty handy but I am not going to be able to put new plumbing in a bathroom. Once I accepted my reality, I got obsessed with trying to redo the bathroom with little to no money. I had to concede about not getting rid of the corner tub, or getting a larger shower (yet), so instead, I focused on picking a new color for the walls, painting the existing cabinets, getting new vanity lights, etc. Once I found the price of the vanity lights I wanted, I was disappointed yet again. If I was going to get something new that we could afford, it was basically going to be just like the one we currently had, just newer (no rust, dust, etc.) so I decided I would restore the old ones. I searched on YouTube "how to get the rust off of chrome" and low and behold diet coke and aluminum foil work wonders! I was able to restore the current vanity light we had for the cost of a 20 oz bottle of diet coke.

Since I couldn't decide what color to paint, I went into the garage to see if I had enough leftover paint from a previous project to do the entire bathroom. I did, it was a plum grey color that I used in my daughter's bedroom, I also had leftover light grey from when I resurfaced our deck last summer. I would use that paint to do the cabinets on the vanity. I had to buy new paintbrushes and a few paint trays.

Moral of the story, if you can shift your thinking into a reuse perspective you can save yourself some serious cash and it is also better for the environment. Doing the bathroom this way I avoided purchasing new products and disposing of old ones. If you are thinking about a home renovation and would like some support and ideas to make it more reuse friendly, I would be happy to help with that!

~To see the before and after pictures from this bathroom revamp, please visit my Facebook page.

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